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Rowing Drill: Feet Out (video)

Today’s video from UCanRow2. The objective with this drill is to engage your core muscles at the finish. By taking your feet out of the foot stretchers, you are forced to do the work with your core, not your toes.

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Nutrition for Rowers (2 Videos)

Today’s video post is a two-for-one on nutrition for rowers. The videos are from a series from the staff and athletes of the National Training Centres in Australia about the importance of good nutrition as a rower.

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Motivation Monday: How to Get Back in a Single After a Flip (video)

Learn how to get back into your scull — swiftly and safely — after flipping over in water. Demonstrated by Calm Waters Rowing coaches and U.S. National Team medalists Charlotte Hollings and John Dunn. Filmed on the private lake owned by Calm Waters Rowing, a rowing camp for beginning and experienced rowers alike in Lancaster, Virginia.

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Planks for Beginners: How to do a plank

This short video (3:26) offers a great introduction to planks for beginners. The presenter shows you a very basic position and then 2 alternatives so you can make it more challenging as your strength improves.

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Kettlebell Swing 5-Minute Workout

While our endurance and leg strength might be just fine after a (long) winter of erging, our upper body strength, arms, and core might need some work – and fast. So what is the answer?

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