Motivation Monday: The Best Way to Hold the (Erg) Handle.

Hey Rower,
Happy Motivation Monday – helping you get your week off to a good start with a tip, technique, or motivational workout that you can use immediately.

Today’s tip, from our friends at DarkHorseRowing, is “The Best Way to Hold the (Erg) Handle”. For those new to indoor rowing, this is the perfect place to start building good habits.

If you’re like many rowers, you tend to squeeze or grip the handle too hard which leads to sore hands and tension in the forearms, which, over a long workout, can really start to cause pain and stiffness. (Skip to 8:21 in the video for this particular issue.) 

I notice it in my shoulders and neck when I’m holding the handle too tight so this short video was helpful to me in correcting that one part of the stroke. Hope it helps you too!

If nothing else, it provides yet another item for you to focus on during those long, low indoor rows this year.

Sore today. Strong tomorrow.
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