Happy Motivation Monday!

This is another installment in my series – Motivation Mondays – to help you get your week off to a good start with a tip, technique, or motivational workout you can use immediately.

Today’s video from UCanRow2. The objective with this drill is to engage your core muscles at the finish (also called the release), so you control your momentum into the bow as you complete the drive and begin to prepare for the recovery phase. By taking your feet out of the foot stretchers, you are forced to do the work with your core, not your toes.

Why is this important?

If your core is engaged, you can keep your head and shoulders elevated (not slumped into the bow) to capitalize on the “send” of the stroke for maximum flow and speed.

When the core is engaged, you can better control the shift of your weight forward as you pivot at the hips and allow the boat to flow under you as you come back up to the catch. 

Bottom line…you won’t need to pull yourself up with your toes and shins!

The drill is demonstratds on an erg but this is an EXCELLENT drill to do in the boat – sweep or sculling!

Be careful on the first stroke as you adjust to not having the foot stretchers stopping you from pitching into the bow!


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